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  • Thank you for your faith in me and my therapy. Please read this whole section. I want to be the best hypnotherapist for you. This means it is valuable for us both that you share as much information as you feel comfortable in sharing before we continue. I am therefore grateful that you take the time to fill me in on the area that you want to work with. There are no wrong answers - this is you being an expert on you. The more details you share the more efficient the script you will get in the end of the session will be. If a question is irrelevant for you - just write "no". The first session takes around 2-2,5h and costs 155USD. This clears one emotional blockage. The hourly rate is 77 USD if you want to go by the hour and clear several emotional blockages. We will talk more on this during our first check in. All international sessions is on Zoom. Link and necessary information will be provided in the booking email.

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